what's stopping you

I got lazy on friday, but here's what I wanted to say:
the changing of the seasons always gives me a burst of energy. things start to get chilly and it's like the wind carries a fiery current. something about the fall (+nyc) makes me feel like something big is waiting around the corner. it feels me with a buzz to do work and make things happen. so I'm forgetting excuses and expanding my mind these days. stretching the possibilities and seeking out fresh perspective. here's some inspiration: 

+forget the rules. winter white duh!
+so well said. a religious artist's perspective on the human form and nudity. read this! (found here)
+shay bought her tickets and she's coming to visit in november. working up the courage to do this together.
+tonight is the first session of my class at nyu. can't wait!

here's to a weekend week of making it happen.


  1. Very interesting links!! You are a very lucky ducky and I am so proud of you for taking the biggest bite of the Apple (big apple) you can take! Can't wait to hear all about your class at NYC, but if you and Shay do the trapeze thing...don't tell me!!



thx a mill


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