life's happiest moments

of course i can't remember where i read about it now, dang it should have wrote it down, but at some point i saw on a blog somewhere the idea to write a list of the happiest moments of ones life. just a fun little gratitude thing. so i thought i'd jot some of mine down, for journaling sake. some are specific memories, some are just parts of life that i've felt real joy/peace.

+dancing our first dance as husband and wife 
+ the nancy nancy and betty betty bedtime stories my dad would tell me
+cheering football games
+sun sinking into my skin
+sneaking my mom's homemade strawberry jam straight from the container
+the toast jordan gave at our wedding
+pie on thanksgiving, family around
+my father daughter dance at my wedding
+getting advice from each family member at my goodbye party before I went to college
+walking through the city when the weather is just right with the perfect song on my ipod
+unloading a bag of great groceries
+nutcracker performances
+those sunday drives through rancho sante fe with the windows rolled down and the radio turned up
+late night conversations
+capturing happy moments with my camera
+studying aboard in london
+visiting my sister in the summer growing up
+playing trains at my grandparents house
+laying on hot concrete/sand after swimming
+getting my first pair of pointe shoes
+wrapping xmas gifts
+finding faith
+dance camp
+black eyed peas concert in central park
+helicopter ride over manhattan when jordan & i were dating
+red tide at night
+climbing the water tower with my roomies freshman year
+holding a new niece or nephew for the first time

i feel glad to remember all these beautiful moments and think of what is ahead. looking forward to seeing how this list evolves.


washi eggs

i recently started writing for the door to more blog and working with kid to kid. i've been working on lots of new and exciting things and can't wait to start sharing them all. i'm having the best time!

this week i whipped up some mess free decorated eggs for easter. (can't believe it's right around the corner)
this craft is pretty simple (just the way i like it) just hard-boil some eggs,
get some washi tape,
everything you need
and snip away!
viola! super cute easter eggs my friends
check out what i'll be up to over at the door to more. it's gonna be a good time.


tunnels and stuff

i read this awesome article the other day called "light at the end of the tunnel".  its was geared at mom's but it made so much sense to me. the author talks about how we all have "tunnel times" where at least one part of life seems dark and uncertain.

things have come together so well for us, but for the past year... year and a half really there as been a lot of UNCERTAINTY. uncertainty and i dont get along. i like to know where i'm going. 

so the author poses this question:

Every single time I’m in a tunnel (and there have been a lot of them), I ask, “What can I do to receive light in here?”

 as i have tired to practice FAITH NOT FEAR i have always been able to find light! when i find myself going into a dark tunnel of uncertainty i can ask myself, "what can i do to receive light?" i'm trying to remember no matter what seems unresolved or unclear there is always truth and light to found. 

& that's all i have to say about that!



a few weeks ago my brother popped the big question with a grand gesture that will go down in history. mike from digital orange captured the whole thing!
brandon asked friends to make response signs :)
I was on execution of details committee!
here i am bossy director general making everyone do a rehearsal. i couldn't help it, i just wanted everything to go perfectly 
the big moment.
brandon took rhyll (his girlfriend) out on a boat ride, when they came around to the beach friends and family we decked out with signs and ballons. 

my favorite picture of the day!
rhyll's dad and sister drove all the way from AZ
(this was after so we are missing some signs and balloons)
so joyouus!
black diamonds! the most beautiful and unique ring!
the happy couple! 

feeling really lucky to be getting such a wonderful new sister! i'm in 100% wedding plan mode, hope she won't mind :)


my favorite trio!
see the rest here


7 days until the first day of spring

sunshine or snow I'm offering half off to anyone who books a session between now and may! email me at twoifbyseaphoto{at}gmail.com to book a session or if you have any questions.
visit twoifbyseaphotography.net for more information


headed to southern UT

i'll be visiting my sister and her family over the holiday weekend, if you're interested in booking a session email me at twoifbyseaphoto{at}gmail.com

spring promo will be offered soon, so stayed tuned!


another week flying by


finally coming up for air. getting back into the swing of things and all that. here's a few interesting things i found on the web while catching up this week :)

+vintage pin-up cats?
+drive thru prank
+things you didn't know about cinderella 
+really cute handbags


r family

i finally got the fire under my butt to get a post up with whole bunch of extremely cute pictures of this darling family! 
see them all over here


february daily

1: cookie making 2: SLC zoo 3: dancing diva 4: wall art 5: grilled cheese and tomato soup 6:sun-bathing in phoenix 7: lyon shop 8: crafting for the big day 9: getting a new sister-in-law 10: horsing around 11: san diego sight seeing 12: disney 13: costco dogs 14: the grove farmers market 15: smoothie master 16: running again 17: daily routine 18: i married a chef 19: homesick yet? 20: more wall art 21: late night laughs 22: ragnar del sol 23: constant medal wearing  24: mallows 25: dance class 26: dinner with my nephew 27: reuntied 28: date night


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