we did some first rate stalking (in between the shopping) this year!
first up bethenny:
and this random bravo host
I tried to pull one of those act like you belong here maneuvers where you sneak across the security ropes and hope no one notices. unfortunately I choose to do it in the same area we'd been standing for 20 mins right next to a security guard. busted. guess im not ready to hang with neil caffery yet.  

then we went to benefit counter to stalk emily. she brought jef with her. bonus stalking points.
my pictures were all terrible because I was looking at them and not focusing the camera haha. whoops.
she was surprisingly sweet/normal for a supposed cheater. people- I dare say they're really in love... I think... I hope. haha.
we did good! 
my pajama pants as jordan calls them (even though they are denim) are not the most stealthy. I blame getting caught on my pants.

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  1. I love that Jordan calls those your pajama pants. Have to love when husbands give you their fashion advice. I for one, love them on you! What a fun night out!


thx a mill


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