a little bit of fabulousness

here's a few fab things to get you started:
+handsome mans club. long clip, but pretty funny
+ever dropped a new compact on the ground? then you might find this handy
+ honest toddler's hilarious comments on instagram
+just finished this documentary on netflix, way good. best if just prior to watching you've picked up a large box of treats from your nearest patisserie
+serious need some of these
+should I or shouldn't I with my old pair of white skinnies?
+obsessed with this london series. have I mentioned I miss it?

{happy friday}


a bottle


such a sweet little video by kirsten lepore. 


I splurged a little a lot and booked a last minute trip to florida to reunite with my favorite ladies.
I seriously CANT WAIT. 
MUCH NEEDED sand, sun, saltwater & slumber party here I come.
12 more days!


this little mom of mine

isn't she the absolute cutest?

my mother bear is coming to visit today! she's pretty good about visits.
(I guess it helps that I live in nyc)
we have big plans & I CANT wait. I'm taking a few days off and we are going to paint the town. 
massages/ a chocolate tour/ shows/ biking/ the park/ and a touch of shopping!


asher & I

last saturday my sister and brother-in-law came to town for a wedding. I got the pleasure of looking after baby A while they danced the night away. I was so excited because I haven't seen asher since christmas. he's gotten way too big, even though I told him specifically not to grow when I saw him last.
it felt like a good afternoon for an adventure, so we loaded up and went looking for one
we thought we'd start our adventure with a walk along the brooklyn bridge
 but navigating the concrete jungle sometimes requires a power nap

and naturally a short snooze is often best followed by a pit stop
so we had ourselves a snack on the bench halfway between brooklyn and manhattan.
after that we were feeling quite happy!
so we continued towards brooklyn

when we'd explored to our hearts content, we went back to the hotel for some yams of course.
then there was a few minutes of swat the iphone before getting ready for bed
then stories, songs, a few laps around the hotel in stroller and it was lights out.
I love being an aunt!



 brandon (my brother) & rhyll (his gf) came to spend a long weekend in NYC. we had such a blast, scooted all over the place, and ate everything in sight. here's how we spent saturday.
 first things first. breakfast.
 nutella/ pistachio/ wild blueberry/ peanut butter/ creme bruele 
 after our stomaches were filled with sugary doughnut goodness we went down to chelsea market to treasure hunt.
 I scored myself two very cute charms. WIN!
 after the market we headed up for some popsicles and a stroll through highline park.
mango chili & cucumber lime 
these guys were so great!
after highline we went to check out central park.
from central we headed downtown to the brooklyn bridge
tall masts of manhattan
 this is typically what J does while I'm snapping away
 ba hahaha
jane's carousel
el fin!


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