brightly colored

in august kelsea and I ran a fun 5K called the color run. volunteers toss colored powder along the track so you come out all tie dyed by the end. here were are nice and clean on the train to brooklyn for the race.
kelsea just maxin and relaxin
the line for the bus to get to the race site was ridiculous so we jumped on a shuttle and made it just in time.
get ready...
and we are off! my face is already getting red. (I have the worst workout red face on the planet.)
getting colored up!
we did it!
kelsea's face is extra pink here because I accidentally whipped her in the face with my packet of pink powder when we were dancing our butts off. whoops!
party rockin
then we rewarded ourselves with a BIG breakfast. the server could not stop asking about how we were gonna get all that "paint" off. haha
{its hard to dance and film at the same time.}

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I now want to do a color run. Your video at the end is my favorite. :)


thx a mill


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