two of my favs

tangerine & mintthat one time I did a fashion challenge it really got me thinking about dressing purposefully. my lifestyle plus the place I live usually guarantees me only two of the following three situations at any time:
+being comfortable
+feeling super cute
+dressing appropriate
if I want to be comfortable and its raining I'm probably going to wear something boring. if I want to wear a really fun/trendy outfit the shoes are most likely not going to be comfortable on a day of walking/working. if its freezing outside my nice outfit gets covered by a boring coat and boots. I don't know why but it seems to be next to impossible for me to feel really comfortable, wearing something I love, and also be dressed appropriately for work, weather, and walking. but I'm not going to give up. it seems there are plenty of women who strike a balance between all those things on a daily basis, why can't I?! baby steps I guess... ANYWAYS: tangerine and mint have had a soft spot in my heart for awhile. I love all the fun spring/summer colors right now. here are a few things I'm love/lusting over.



every other year my massive extended family gets together for this (deseret news article). we head to homestead in the mountains of arizona to camp and play.
I just booked tickets for J and I to attend this summer and I can't tell you how excited I am. family reunions have always been a big part of my life. for years we have been trekking to zion or arizona (sometimes with me in the back of our station wagon's trunk sleeping on top of the luggage) every summer. I have so many memories of capture the flag with cousins, climbing out of my tent for pancakes and bacon, singing songs by the campfire, and exploring the forest. this isn't your typical family reunion (although we have one of those too) this is a HUGE reunion, I'm taking about 1,000 people. which makes it SO fun! every reunion you make new friends. I can't wait to continue this family tradition as my own family grows.

which reminds me how grateful I am for the family (and friends who've become family) in my life! I love em so. 
that's all.


shay for the win

my dear friend shalyce is applying for the mormon bachelor season four.
check her out!

here are a few things to know about shay:
+her bed is always made
+she makes killer bbq chicken & bread sticks
+she's got a rocking bod
+she is a budget machine
+ she goes big or goes home
+when she came to visit me in nyc she could not get over the subway
+she sends care packages
+she is loyal through and through

sounds like a a good candidate right? do me a solid and like her video! she deserves it!


an everlasting meal

by some great stroke of luck our book club host was able to persuade the author of last month's book (who happens to live in the city) to join us for our discussion. so the lovely tamar adler came to eat and chat with us a few weeks ago. our sweet host also made a fabulous spread using recipes from the book.
everyone enjoyed the food!
this was certainly the most enlightening book club I have ever attended. tamar was so gracious and answered question after question so thoughtfully. I left totally renewed in my efforts to eat and cook smarter/healthier and with the tools to do it. I HIGHLY I repeat highly recommend picking up a copy of her book.


two roads

right now I am standing at a crossroad. the ground is warm beneath my feet. to my left is to the easy way and to my right the unknown.

easy street is calling my name... reminding me how well we know each other. and that's what makes the easy road so tempting, not because it's less work but because it is familiar to me. I've become afraid of unfamiliar terrain. I know I can move swiftly down the smooth length of easy street under the comfortable shade of the trees. there is no pressure on the easy road, it's just a place to coast along.

but everyone knows you are rarely where you really want to be after taking the easy road. still, time after time when I've found myself looking out on an expanse of possibilities, I've thought "it will be easier less painful to just not believe in myself. instead I will let myself just skim over the top of achievement. only letting my toes touch the water... just in case.
just in case I am unprepared in someway for what is ahead.
just in case I fail.
just in case I get in over my head.
just in case I'm not brave enough.

now it seems I've made a bad habit of letting my fear of failure the unknown keep me from truly trying.

 right now my life is taking unexpected turns and the pieces of my dreams are coming together like never before. I know the stakes are high now and I am NOT willing to miss out on my dreams because I didn't give 100%


what she said

awhile ago I read this post from TJ about getting rid of word verification. I totally agree it drives me bonkers!! I got rid of it when I read this post and have not had one second of spam since. (probably because its only my mom reading) seriously though guys, do everyone a fave...JUST GET RID OF WORD VERIFICATION. it wont hurt and everyone will be happier! 


baby to be

last weekend whitney & I threw a little shower for hannah! like a total idiot I brought my camera with no memory card in it. (BOO!) the pictures are therefore limited, but I'm glad we got a few. we served brunch foods because everyone knows breakfast is the best. we munched, chatted, and had a great time.
 so happy for you hannah!



remember when I made a big proclamation about figuring out who I am aka getting super healthy. well 3/31 came and went. my bad. good news is I feel really good about where I'm headed.

my dear friend whitney wrote this post and it reminded me. I AM CAPABLE. somehow I had forgotten that.

A couple weeks ago I did that on a run. I told myself I was gonna run this particular loop in the park without stopping. It seemed like a really long time for me to go, but I just believed I could do it. I didn't debate with myself about it, I just did. when I was done I felt AMAZING, not so much from the running but from the empowerment I felt. I honestly felt like I had just done a magic trick, just by believing in myself.

{belief makes things real}


the district

{before I say anything else I have to tell you that ice cream is homemade thing mint, mocha fudge, and pistachio. I died}

I've said it before (and I will say it again) living so far away from family has been hard. so when my sister and brother-in-law booked a trip to DC I was really excited. it seemed like a great time to see them and visit my cousin and his new cute wife during cherry blossom season. 
I can't decide if I love or hate the fact that all the metro stops down there look exactly the same. not like at home.
// I had to post this because its the longest escalator I've ever seen. it was crazy. //
first stop was mt.vernon. so beautiful.
I guess you could say the real first stop was the mt.vernon cafe where we devoured some authentic GW food before touring the grounds. side note: hardly anywhere in nyc serves rootbeer. its super rude.
I have to admit that the highlight of the visit for me were the farm baby animals.
baby pigs kill me. one summer while visiting my sister in UT I fell deeply in love with an all black baby pig at the county fair. the little thing slept in my arms for what felt like days. I cried when I had to go back home. {I know how you feel fern.}
ever since then my bucket list has included own a pet pig. dead serious.
I mean...
we had perfect weather and plenty of cherry blossoms
we started out day two at eastern market for some famous blue bucks
guess who was in line in front of us??? ANNA!!! oh how I miss all my london girls. it was a lovely and unexpected reunion.
love me some breakfast!
there was a bit of rain that afternoon so we drove up to gettysburg for a bus tour of the battleground. 
such a perfect weekend away, rain and all!


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