things I learned in clearwater

1. with enough sun screen and determination you can fit into a child's inter-tube
2. I am in actuality the sweatiest person alive
3. doritos + taco bell = <3, why did it take us so long to learn this
4. the abc's and twinkle, twinkle are the same tune (DUH)
5. sometimes people don't want to talk to you, even if you are trying to give them a free inter-tube
6. katy perry can make you cry
7. once there is an opened can of pringles in sight I really cant stop
8. 5am sounds like a good a idea when you are rolling off the couch laughing at old pictures, but it feels like a bad idea the next day
9. tie dye will turn your hands blue for awhile
10. girl time is good for the soul

1 comment:

  1. how fun that you girls were able to get together. i miss my college girls. can't wait to see more pictures of your fun girl's trip. miss you!!


thx a mill


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