a giant post about a mini mom

my sweet mama usually makes her way out to nyc for a visit twice a year. she just can't help herself. sometimes she brings friends or family, but whenever she comes we try to maximize our time together with lots of plans. this trip I took a few days off so we made extra grand plans.
ready to take the city by storm!
every time I go biking I am stunned to remember how much I love it. can't wait to own bikes again. we all rode down the hudson and up into riverside park on a lovely breezy afternoon.
so weird
we ate dinner in little italy
jordan came up with the great idea of taking the ferry to governor's island. we'd never been there and I'm totally in love.

brooklyn bridge
to scale sculpture of lady liberty's face
they had a bunch of sculptures ect from different artist that made up a really cool mini golf lawn.
mom & I went on chocolate tour, that knocked our socks off
we also swooned again and again in fishs eddy. one of my FAVORITE places
I know its hipster, but I will always love mason jars
and there you have it. one million photos of my mom's trip to nyc. we jammed that week full of nyc and I loved every minute of it.


  1. holy crap! where are those macarons?!

    1. somewhere downtown, but they turned out to be disappointing sadly. nothing worse than a bad macaron, is right up there with a mealy apple.

  2. You mom is a serious babe. I can't wait till november! but its going to be cold. :( boo.

    1. too true she is a babe :)

      hopefully it wont be terribly cold. we will still party it up!

  3. you two are the cutest!! loving all the pictures!

  4. How fun to have your cute mom in town! Loved all the beautiful pictures, looks like she had a perfect trip!


thx a mill


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