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I love the fourth of july! especially, in small towns. I've spent a few of the past years in my sister's tiny town in southern utah. there's a breakfast, a parade, and fireworks on a grassy hill. everyone celebrates. I have such fun happy memories from times there. this year however, I'm going away to the beach for a girls getaway with my college roomies. I'm sad to leave jray behind, but not sad enough to ignore how THRILLED I am to catch some sun with my girls. sorry jray. I do love you so and I also LOVE to celebrate. I'm that weird girl that wears a costume to work on halloween or a sweater that sings for christmas. so naturally I'm going thematic for the fourth. red, white, and blue all the way. even my swim suit :)

I'm packing up my bags with the beach essentials and thought Id share some favorites. first of all surf spray: LOVE IT. try it, you will too. gives your hair a salty beach texture. second saltwaters: so comfortable, plus they make me feel like a kid again. third: a good hat. once I found one that fit my head right I was amazed how handy it is. this gap one is great. fourth: a flowy maxi. this one is super airy which I love and also more blue than it looks here. lastly: good snacks (can't beat watermelon in the summer) sunnies, accessories, and tote.

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