flo rida

before I left the city I was literally BEAMING with excited for this getaway. it was everything I imagined and then some.
 sparklers//with di//fireworks//t bell//macrons//saltwaters//ken&di//circle k had our backs//lots of products//grease sing-a-long//falsies//katy parry's movie//besties//memory lane//the sea//tanning//hot tubbing//dancing//chilling//eating out//sitting in the sand//with ken//thumbs up//with shay//sail boats
kenny's cute calendar
sad to say the house looked like this most of the time. there was LOTS of fun food and staying up until 4am. which doesn't really equal tidy. sorry for not cleaning up better ken!
getting done up
dizzle fo rizzle
I spy my nine chins
oh...lots of chins plus a rapture arm
normal again
shay & I danced in the aisle during the final song, don't doubt!
 honeymoon island
 we took our chairs down and sat in the water. PURE HEAVEN
while singing patriotic songs
such a cutie
we bought kind of a lot of sparklers, clearly.
after this we went on a gator hunt. we saw a little baby guy, but he was too far away to get a pic.
to polish off the trip we tie dyed some memory shirts. I packed mine for camping next weekend and I might cry when I put it on. I'm having withdrawals from not hanging out with these besties.

this trip was such therapy for me. we talked and laughed our faces off. we did some crying too. the good kind of crying. I'm dying to find a way to get all our college girlfriends together. we had such a good time together. I love each and every one of them to the moon and back. they are a part of me and I wouldn't take back a minute.


  1. The pictures of you girls in your beach attire look like they belong in a magazine! Perfect outfits, perfect girls.

  2. LOVE these beautiful girls!!! So fun to see you all together again!!!!


thx a mill


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