one time our scooter got taken from us in brooklyn. still can't talk about it. it was sad start to the day, but luckily the smorgasborg saved it. there's a fantastic little park in williamsburg that fills up with different stalls from tons of yummy restaurants. we had tons of good food.
erica & her carmel frozen banana situation
me & my dusty park shoes
ava & her sad face
the straw that made it better
baby hudson & his baby blues
there's so much to love about this
the cheeks, the wrinkled nose, the little teeth!
the cuteness is too much
this was the most insane ice cream sandwich I've ever had
wonderful friends
besides the fact that it was sweltering, the sun gave me a farmers tan, and I had to be lola-less for a week it was a good day :)
if you're in the neighborhood check out the smorgasborg, you won't be sorry.

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