last month we got up at the crack of dawn to sail to catalina island (one of my favorite places) we loaded up in the dark of early morning and set sail.
we started the morning with costco muffins, but i'm not allowed to start the sailing in the galley anymore because i got super sick shortly there after. boo. also- not sure what im doing here but i love how hard brooke is laughing. she regularly laughs so hard she cries.
i love boats!
took the men a few tries to get the anchor in right :) 
sleeping under the stars. heavenly.
did a little snorkeling/scuba diving 
the men! jordan took the wheel while we stopped to swim mid-sail
the jray read the weeklies with us. haha.
on our way to shore to get some chocolate malted crunch cones.
cant wait to do it again!

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