mountains & hand spun peach shakes

our trip:
so much good food// blue lemon stop that
toured la nay ferme// ah the smell of fresh basil
alpine slides// screamed the whole way down
hot tubbed// things about living in ny that you miss out on
game night// played real murder in the dark and nearly peed my pants
tried the chick fil a peach shake for the first time// blew my mind
checked out bridal veil falls// i miss open space
provo beach resort// kicked jordan's butt at skee ball but he smoked me at dance revolution
 saw a life sized scarlett poster// oh rhett
loved on lola// drove her around the parking lot in circles for a good 30 mintues
jordan joined insta// finally!
visited the sweet tooth fairy// hello nutella crepe cupcake, where have you been all my life?
wandered campus// go cougs

a pretty bomb celebration of 3 married years. j did some stellar trip planning and I was so grateful for it. I think there may be a little room in my heart for ut...
maybe, just maybe. 


  1. Okay, why am I just now stumbling across your lovely blog. I simply adore all of these pictures! And it looks like you guys just have so much fun together! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Happy Anniversary to two of our favorites! Glad you are finding room in your heart for Utah. :) You will love it. Sounds like the perfect quick trip. Now when are you two making it back to San Diego again? Disneyland is calling our names for a trip!

    1. jordan will be there a few days before i think and ill be there nov 17- 20, disneyland on tuesday???


thx a mill


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