rainbows and butterflies

every year the natural history museum hosts a special exhibit called the butterfly conservatory. I've been dying to check it out the past few year, but hadn't gotten around to it. this year I made time and saturday before last jordan and I spent the afternoon at our favorite museum (besides the frick) the conservatory holds about 500 butterflies (80 different kinds) and is toasty warm like the tropics. there are wings flapping everywhere.
I'll always be a sucker for the monarchs 
favorite shot I think
having a snack
ok I lied there were no rainbows, just lots and lots of butterflies.


  1. Did you get any hitchhiking butterflies? Or any butterfly landings? I remember in elementary school a girl in my class had a butterfly land in her hair and the rest of the kids practically passed out in excitement/jealousy. The butterfly conservatory seems like a good place to hedge your bets on that sort of thing : )

    1. yeah they were totally landing on people. I dont know why but that made me a little nervous, some butterflies are a little too moth like for me so I kinda avoided any landings, but they did love my hair. they flapped around my hand, must have been my hair spray or something. it was fun!


thx a mill


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