two of my favs

tangerine & mintthat one time I did a fashion challenge it really got me thinking about dressing purposefully. my lifestyle plus the place I live usually guarantees me only two of the following three situations at any time:
+being comfortable
+feeling super cute
+dressing appropriate
if I want to be comfortable and its raining I'm probably going to wear something boring. if I want to wear a really fun/trendy outfit the shoes are most likely not going to be comfortable on a day of walking/working. if its freezing outside my nice outfit gets covered by a boring coat and boots. I don't know why but it seems to be next to impossible for me to feel really comfortable, wearing something I love, and also be dressed appropriately for work, weather, and walking. but I'm not going to give up. it seems there are plenty of women who strike a balance between all those things on a daily basis, why can't I?! baby steps I guess... ANYWAYS: tangerine and mint have had a soft spot in my heart for awhile. I love all the fun spring/summer colors right now. here are a few things I'm love/lusting over.


  1. you are a fashion guru! every time i see you i love your outfit--so consider yourself dressing successfully. (mind if i get some shopping help?)

  2. Oh my gosh agreed. I am OBSESSED with both tangerine and mint right now. Those mint jeans are kind of amazing. And those Anthro wedges? Ohh myy gosh.


thx a mill


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