spring gardening

verb (used with object), pruned, prun·ing.
1. to cut or lop off (twigs, branches, or roots).
2. to cut or lop superfluous or undesired twigs, branches, orroots from; trim.
3. to rid or clear of (anything superfluous or undesirable).
4. to remove (anything considered superfluous or undesirable).

somewhere inside me is the seed of needing to please. over the years I have inadvertently nurtured that seed so much that the branches have stretched through my limbs. the roots have grown into my spirit. truthfully though that seed is an aspect of myself that I really like. I'm not an expert in the practice, but I enjoy worrying (for lack of a better word) about others. I like that I'm concerned about making those around me happy, but there are other parts of me that are trying to grow. when I am not careful my need to please others stifles my need to be myself.

 when that urge to please gets overgrown, weeds of insecurities pop up. I start worrying about very silly unimportant things which leaves no room for self-esteem. nothing makes me feel worse than a lack of confidence. its seems to get in the way of everything. it is time to prune those branches. trim away the anxiety and leave behind just thoughtfulness and consideration. I don't need to apologize for who I am. 

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