this little tree of ours

{this was a guest post for my number one girl crush. coming soon.}
here lies my little tree 
{and messy entry table}
I am a real tree advocate through and through. the smell of a tree in our home is a crucial part of the holiday for me and so I have insisted that we bring one home every year.
 {even though the first year it cost more than a weeks worth of groceries because I let that sneaky street seller rob me blind}
& because I am also a california girl through and through I have covered said real tree with sea stars and shells. I try to wrap up the presents for under the tree well in advance because everything just seems more chrismassy that way, so these have been down there for awhile. 
{even if this year they are just brown paper packages tied up with string}
and just in case you wanted to see 16 more tiny hipstamtic pictures of my tree... your wish is my command
{apparently my tree likes the spotlight} 
cheers to you and yours
happy christmas

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  1. That's a nice tree. Ashley and I were very excited to buy our first Christmas tree this year because last year we were poor college kids.


thx a mill


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