i left my heart

to celebrate our 4th anniversary we went away to san fran for the weekend.
one day we rented this little motorcycle/car and zipped around the city. best thing we ever did. 
 we totally feel in love with san fran. it was beautiful. a little cold for an august vaca but still we had lovely weather.
 i love all the unique architecture. i could roam those neighborhoods for days.
 we had the best luck with the food there too. a few times we just went into random places and had amazing meals.
 one morning we biked across the bridge to saulsalito. so fun!

 i do love him. the weirdo. 
 we stopped at a candy shop at the beginning of the trip and got two of every kind of salt water taffy flavor we thought was interesting. the rest of the trip we sampled and discussed which flavors were best. jray loves taffy!
right before we left we visited the palace of fine arts (?) it was super pretty.
then we got to stop at my sisters house and enjoy a yummy dinner before flying out. it was the very best trip. we hadn't been on a trip alone to a new place since our honeymoon, i was in heaven exploring with him.


  1. Love your pictures! Beautiful! We went to San Francisco last summer for our anniversary, your pics make me want to go back soon!

  2. thanks corina. i totally fell in love with it!

  3. These photos are perfection! I want to be on this trip right now!


thx a mill


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