christmas just the two of us

 here's what christmas looked like at our house this year.
the colors are wonky. tis true. too lazy to fix em. im on a roll with letting things slide right now people.
the "kissing" penguins!
jordan's surfer nut cracker... he was hard to part with when we had to make eliminations for the move.
got this year's advent at the MET (loved it so)
there she is in all her tiny/sparse glory... OUR LITTLE TREE
if jordan's stocking looks more "full" to you than mine thats because I always go overboard haha. somehow we came out pretty even though.
dear target, thank you for making these that bring me so much JOY!
i made about 1 million sugar cookies. we ate about 90% and gave the rest away to friends, neighbors, and the doormen. i love baking, especially holiday baking!
this was just the beginning, i love hanging our holiday cards. i pretty much save them all (yes I know im a hoarder) cant help it. at the end of each year i buy a set of rings like this  i hole punch all the cards in each corner and make a little book of all the cards we've gotten. i whip up a little cover and i'm always glad i have em. one of these days i'll post some of my card books.
jordan loves it when i take pictures of him, clearly.
we cooked dinner (& by we i mean jordan ) its been our tradition (which we've only done twice) to make italian on christmas. a few days before we go to eataly and get fresh pasta, bread, oil/vinegar, sparking sodas, veggies, prosciutto  & whatever else master chef jray thinks we need. its delish! i think we will keep it up.
santa gave jordan a chocolate passport with dark chocolates from all over the world. santa loves TJs too.
clearly, i'm right out of bed
my favorite park of christmas! each year jordan gets me a charm to add to the bracelet he gave me on our first xmas together. its always something that represents our year and its always really special! the idea jordan says is to tell the story of our life and pass it down to our kids :) so sappy & i love it 100%. this year since we were getting ready to leave nyc i planned 12 days of dates for us. i spent approx 17 hours making this ridiculous video card to play for jordan to tell him about it. i realized i was in way over my head about 2 seconds into the process but tried to smash something together by goggling how to instructions about every five minutes. it didnt turn out as fantastic as i had hoped, but i think he liked it anyway. good egg that jordan is.
and thats how we do christmas when its just us two. rays out.


  1. that video was so cute and creative! where did you find all the wooden buildings?

  2. Where did you get those initial mugs?! LOVE them!

  3. Oh I just love looking at Christmas pics!!!! Yours are adorable, but I need to see the close up of the Tiffany charm please......


thx a mill


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