we moved

after a roller-coaster summer we are officially settled in our new apartment. 
minus the painting which I am postponing until the weather gets worse. it feels so good to have a nice indoor project on a snowy day... plus I can't decide on the right colors {that could take awhile}

last night after I really tidied everything up, now that we are back from summer holiday, Jordan said, "can we keep it like this?"
I of course responded with, "can you  keep it like this?"

but all jokes aside I really do enjoy taking care of our home. Jordan told my brother when were in california that he hadn't done the dishes once since we moved in... followed by "dude, I'm telling ya buy a woman new stuff and she'll do everything, she likes to look over it all while she's cleaning I swear."


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  1. haha, true! I do love to wash new dishes...feels better than old ones!


thx a mill


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