silent disco

the combs always keep us in the know about great things to do in the city. they've been to the lincoln center's midsummer night swing for a few years so I knew it must be good. I've been wanting go every summer, but never got around to it. plus since slade was going I knew I could rope jordan in. bingo! midsummer night swing usually ends at 10pm, but we stayed for the silent disco. there were two battling DJs broadcasting on two channels to the wireless headphones everyone got at the dance floor entrance. you could switch back and forth depending on who was playing what you liked. it was SO MUCH FUN. the crowd made their own music singing and dancing along to our headphones. it was pretty cool.

billie jean, can you tell?
unintentional (?) matching

as a reward for andrea and I braving the soul train we topped the night off with a trip to sev.
last night slurps and a few jelly donuts. 

I don't care what anyone says/thinks, I'd pay good money to go back in time and relive my hs dances... prom, homecoming, winter formal, morp! we had some real good times. who's with me?

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