a family that camps together stays together

remember how excited I was about this? well it was just as great as I hoped. a very successful initiation for jordan I'd say. we had a great time at the whiting reunion this year!

we planned to take an early flight out so all our gear was ready to go the night before.
this is just what jordan and I brought to camp (along with our california bag we were taking back to new york) so you can imagine when we added mom, dad, and skyler's gear into a small rental car there was going to be issues.
there was luggage everywhere. that's one on dads lap and mom's feet over another.
but we made it to the airport in one piece just in time to grab breakfast. after our flight to AZ we picked up a bigger rental car and set out for the homestead.
jordan was clearly exhausted
it was rainier than usually this reunion, which made some things tricky but kept it cooler which was so nice.
jordan's first hike up sierra trigo. that's a W for whiting's by the way.
roughin it, looks good on us, right? haha
a view of our homestead from up above
bc sealed the deal on coolest cousin with that catch
skyler opened up with america the beautiful for friday's program
both matt and spence had birthdays during the reunion so we celebrated with chocolate cake
singing yankee doodle for the kids talent show
kickin back with a red vine
 the ladies after the race
 & the men
that would be my pregnant SIL doing a timed saw down
the littles were doing such good lipgloss sharing during church
this is the boys hatching their plan for an awesome fort ( I forgot to get a picture of the finished product, but it was pretty good)
jordan was the tent master!
phew, that was a lot of pictures! can't wait until the next one!

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  1. How come your pictures are sooooo much better than mine!!??? Can you just make me a book of this? I just LOVE them all!! You are the best and I'm so grateful you were there to capture the love!


thx a mill


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