burritos, burgers, and maple bars

aw. home sweet home. we fully maximized our week at home before the family reunion.
there are few necessities when eating in san diego {good mexican, in n out, and fresh donuts to start with} we made sure to fit it all in.
old enough to rent a car//first meal in CA//seals on the beach//trio//girls at the pool//grillin//fidels//howes//hg//encinitas//jazzercise//brotherly love//bryn//in n out//tink//maple bacon bar//tunes//our second child//shes pretty//supplies//kealani's//dinner date//bestie//new nails//horse crossing too small to see
it was so so good to be home and see friends and family.
since jordan's big 30 was approaching we celebrated a few times. loved that the spencers and howes were able to spend the day with us, it was SO nice to reunite and see frankie, davis, and new baby bennett. 

first was an afternoon grillin at the pool
serious chef face
the rest to come...

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