pack it up, pack in it

there's been a lot of packing in my life lately. so I thought I'd share some of the packing and travel trips I've found/figured out.
+how to bundle clothing. rolling is also a huge space saver!
+a microbead travel pillow & sleep mask are a must. don't know what it took so long for me to figure out travel pillows... they make such a big difference on a flight.
+over the ear headphones are SO much more comfortable and you don't have to max the volume to hear.
+hydration, hydration, hydration!
some travel rules I liked straight from GOOP
1. The Travel Drawer: Before you go anywhere, start a travel drawer that includes: a passport, coin purse, travel adapters, sunglasses, phrase books, maps, guides and swimsuits. You can take this a step further by creating The Travel Beauty Drawer.
2. Roll Your Clothing: I acquired this tip from a flight attendant - they always have the smallest bags. Tightly roll casual trousers, t -shirts and shorts - this also minimizes wrinkling. (Naturally, we don’t advise this for evening wear or designer dress suits.)
3. The Suitcase: While overstuffing your suitcase can damage your clothing, lots of empty space can also cause creasing. Fill up empty spaces with white tissue paper and place a towel over the top.
4. Security Savvy: Always remember to have two identity luggage tags on your case, including one on the inside, in case the outside label gets ripped off.
5. Tissue paper and more tissue paper! I buy reams of tissue paper for placing between shirts and knitwear; it really is the best way to keep clothes in shape. Plus it feels like you have been shopping a fabulous boutique when you’re unpacking at the other end!
6. The Travel Pouch: A shameless plug. Those leather passport and boarding pass holders are such a waste of time, as you’re forever having to take everything out anyway. In my travel pouch I keep my smart phone, passport, boarding pass, money, sunglasses and a good book.

p.s. happy weekend

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