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racer back tank // capri pants // sports bra // socks // headband // sneaks // backpack

tomorrow I run like I've never run before! while training for this thing I've found that while so far I do in fact still hate running, there is something satisfying about it. I hope that little seedling grows into a love of running and a rockin runners body to match. I'm nurturing that seed with the best attempts at consistency and good gear of course. this is what I'll be racing not walking, but not running fast enough to be a competitor, in this weekend.

one: lulu racer back tank. light, soft, breathable fabric is key for me.
two: have yet to find a sports bra that really offers the support I need, but I love the look and feel of this one so I just double up.
three: I won't actually run in this for the 10K, but I do use it when I run home from work and love it.
four: looks super nerdy... ok is super nerdy, but is such an improvement from an arm band. can stash my phone, keys, and a chapstick in here and it doesn't feel like a thing.
five: I prefer capris for running. loose running shorts are cute, but are just more uncomfortable for me.
six: a good headband is crucial in the summer.
seven: I like NB and nikes. I like light weight with decent support.
eight: the right sock. not to tall, not too low!

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