brandon (my brother) & rhyll (his gf) came to spend a long weekend in NYC. we had such a blast, scooted all over the place, and ate everything in sight. here's how we spent saturday.
 first things first. breakfast.
 nutella/ pistachio/ wild blueberry/ peanut butter/ creme bruele 
 after our stomaches were filled with sugary doughnut goodness we went down to chelsea market to treasure hunt.
 I scored myself two very cute charms. WIN!
 after the market we headed up for some popsicles and a stroll through highline park.
mango chili & cucumber lime 
these guys were so great!
after highline we went to check out central park.
from central we headed downtown to the brooklyn bridge
tall masts of manhattan
 this is typically what J does while I'm snapping away
 ba hahaha
jane's carousel
el fin!


  1. gah! this makes me miss my trip so much!

    1. I would hire you as a professional photographer. Now send me a pistachio doughnut.


thx a mill


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