I knew I could, I knew I could

in case you were missing my relentless commentary on the 10K, here's more! a recap of saturday's events.
(a shoot of central park west jam packed, my bumpin 10K playlist, andrea & I pre-race in columbus circle,  me & my flailing arms crossing the finish line, and some action shots. after the race I downed a huge breakfast, took a sparkly bubble bath, got a mani/pedi and filled the afternoon with bread)
this is the first shot of the day. I got up bright and early, grabbed a gatorade and met andrea at the subway. I was really nervous having never run 6 miles in my life. I know it doesn't seem that far and it really isn't, but it seemed like a nearly insurmountable feat for me. andrea, ever the voice of confidence, assured me I could do it. we rode down to columbus cirlce, made some swedish friends, and then got ready for the race to start.
after 6 something long miles I bounced across that finish line singing defying gravity with a few tears running down my cheeks. my emotional/super red from exhaustion face is extra special.

the first 3 miles I kept up with andrea & marilee and their smooth, swift strides, but after hill number two I had to acknowledge those blue romney shirts were moving forward at a pace I could not sustain. so I ran along on my own trying to think of anything besides, HOW MUCH FURTHER?! when I got to the "800M to go" sign I was about at my limit. I remember my sister telling me how much she loved listening to defying gravity during her half marathon so I clicked to that song. hearing the crowd and seeing the finish line gave me an extra push and I ran hard across the line. I'd be lying if I said this race wasn't incredibly hard for me, but I'm so glad I pushed through. it was wonderful to know I had followed through and that I could do it. I surprised myself so much that I decided to run a half marathon. one step closer to figuring out what I am made of.
girl power!!!!
could not have done it without this cute running mate. she's much faster than me so we didn't get to run together on race day, but she encouraged me through every step of the journey. she even texted me at the end of the race that she was waiting for me at the finish line. I knew on mile one that I would be too disappointed to tell her I had walked... there was nothing to do but keep running.
and so I did. I ran the whole thing! slowly as you can see, but without walking none the less.

NYRR New York Mini 10K

List by Name: Kaitlyn Ray

Distance:  6.2 miles, 10 kilometers

Date/Time:  June 9, 2012, 8:00 AM

Location:  Central Park, NYC
Weather:  69 degrees, 55% humidity, wind 5 MPH.






AG %
43.23 %


  1. Woo-hoo! You should be SO proud because you did amazingly! And I'm glad I shamed you into not walking, haha! That's how I felt in my half - I couldn't tell people I walked after telling so many that my goal was to NOT walk. And you will kill that half!

  2. Super proud of you! p.s. you look ridiculously skinny in the photo you are taking in the mirror. Can't wait for the half marathon together. you better believe I am going to cry.

  3. Congratulations girly! Also, you look fit and fabulous, can't wait to tackle the half-marathon with you : )

  4. So proud of you! Good job girl!!!

  5. Hooray!! Can't wait for our half marathon girl. We are going to rock it. You can most definitely do hard things. So proud of you!


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