spring cleaning

step one: mentally divide house into sections (closets, drawers, bathroom, kitchen...)
I start with the bedroom closets, then drawers and work my way out around the house.

step two: start with first section and empty everything
this is fun part because often times I find treasures in the back corners I forgot I had.

step three: wipe down/vacuum

step three: organize/color coordinate items separating out unused or unwanted items
I'm really into the color coordinating thing. it helps give me a guide line of organization when there isn't necessarily an obvious way to arrange things. it also looks so nice when maintained.

step four: survey giveaway & toss it piles
well I'm reorganizing I make three piles:
giveaway part I= definitely don't need to keep and II= probably don't need to keep, but not totally ready to let go of
and toss it which is for the trash.

step five: cash in my three saves
I give myself 3 saves. three things I'm allowed to change my mind about or hold on to even though I don't need to. it just makes me feel better :)

step six: try to wear items from the not sure pile for the following week 
I try things on from the not sure pile and give my self a week to wear or use them. if it doesn't get worn/used its a goner.

step seven: discard/giveaway
and feel cleansed

I also do a "spring cleaning" on the less obvious things too. my social media accounts, photo albums, iTunes... this isn't so much a cleansing as a reorganizing usually, but it feels just as good.

what are your spring cleaning rituals?


  1. Kaiter you just gave me so much hope for spring cleaning! I love you and miss you!

  2. It is so wrong that anyone living in the city should have a closet that big. Something that size could house 3 children, haha!


thx a mill


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