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spring has sprung in NYC. (so hoping it stays this way for a long time) since the city is springin I though I'd share some of my spring beauty favs: I love benefit glosses they smell amazing to me and I get a kick out of all that brand's witty names and packaging. then we've got the two arrojo hair products, I'm in love with that place. these aren't really spring favs I use them all year round. both the styling whip and the holding spray are light but totally effective and SMELL ridiculously good. its a luxe smell not a synthetic smell, like a day at the spa not a fruit snack and I love that. I just tried the smashbox hydrating powder after numerous recommendations and so far I'm loving it. I'm also all about "cream" products, anything that gives my skin a glow so I love stilla's convertible color. goes on eyes lips and cheeks. I got a sample of kate spade's twirl at my last sephora trip and its a perfect spring scent. and lastly a good essie polish. geranium is one of my favs, I love bright polish. I should probably start wearing nudes and matte colors like a grown-up but I'm not going to anytime soon!
Spring Favs


  1. Do you use the smash box liquid foundation too or just the lose powder? I'm on a search for some new foundation/conceler! And I do wanna try that stilla stuff what color do you have?

    1. I'm trying to use up the last of my other foundation before I open the smashbox one so I've only tested it in the store, but like it. sephora sells a tester type package which I got that has all the above stuff in a small set so you can try it all. I love the primer. for the still stuff I got an orangey color called gladiola, but they have a lot of great neutrals.

  2. Sorry for bothering, but I was wondering if You had this "lipstick skyline" picture in bigger resolution. I like it very much and I would like to use it as desktop background... Thanks for the help. :) J.


thx a mill


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