I need your help photo peeps

cant decide
so here is my dilema:
I've been waiting FOREVER to upgrade my camera body. its really about time. the new canon 5D just came out making the mark II much more affordable. I am having a serious struggle on what is the smartest long term choice. should I get the better mark III or the more affordable mark II and get a new lens. which I also desperately need.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please give me any input you might have. I can't make the decision on my own.


  1. My recommendation is to make a list of the technical differences between the Mark II and the Mark III and evaluate which upgrades will really impact you as a photographer. If the Mark II has all the technical power you need go for that plus the new lens, if there is an advancement on the Mark III that will really impact you get the Mark III and wait another couple of months on the lens. That's what I would do.


    1. good points melle! making lists always helps!

  2. The new lens will last you several bodies. Go with the Mark ii and get the lens.

  3. kaityln, the mark III is getting unbelievable reviews. every photographer I know who has been waiting for the the camera to finally be announced has been blown away by the image quality and focus points in the camera. but i've been shooting with the mark II for a little over a year and a half and have NO complaints. from what i understand - if you can't live without better video and really want to engage in cinematography, and you need a camera with an iso of 25,600 (compared to 6400 iso on the mark II) then you should make the investment. otherwise you'll be happy with the mark II. i'm so happy with the II - it's incredible camera and i am very happy with it. what lens are you looking to get? :)

    1. the video stuff is nice but its definitely not a priority. I really am just dying for a full sensor :)

      If I get the mark II I'm tempted to get the 45 TS lens, but I should probably get something really practical first, any recommendations?


thx a mill


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