"life makes love look hard"

thanks for those lyrics tswift. am I right thought? tswift speaks the truth! sometimes life really does make love look hard. through the fog of an unmade bed, tired limbs, piles of laundry or dishes, crowded streets, and just general business it can be hard to clearly see the lovely things life.

every so often I have to do a mental wind shield wipe of the all the stuff that's clouding my vision of what really matters or I find myself lost in a haze of mundane. and other times {like today} when I'm not expecting it at all a little reminder of love brings sunbeams that brighten up my fogged mind. it makes me want to be that bright part of J's day all his days too. and those little reminders of the love in my life make me want to be a better woman, friend, daughter, sister, aunt...

here's to the lovely things!


  1. Love this reminder & love that picture of you two!

  2. Okay, don't think I'm weird, but I think that you and I are suppose to be friends. So there it is.

    And I'm 36 and still like mee-self some t.swift...(but not her acting...heck-no!)

    Anyway, if we were sitting in a lunchroom, I would totally sit by you...and we would totally be friends I'm sure of it.

    And you are going to ROCK your 10K for MITT!!!


thx a mill


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