its time for a slew of posts from my trip to california. YAY! 
first things first, the day we arrived we all popped up to newport to take the boat out.
the kids we are super excited to say the least
that baby girl likes to eat
el captain 
{all the sailors had gotten hats last year for christmas}

     it was very very bright when we first set sail, (hence you can barely see our faces) then a fog like you wouldn't believe rolled in out of nowhere.
It got seriously windy so I wrapped my hair like a pirate. don't judge.
why karebear has a coat like this living in san diego is beyond me, but I guess it gets used on super cold sailing days.
mum & me
two little explorers!

can you tell how obsessed I am with all my nieces and nephews? I'm a crazy proud aunt. as much as I love california the best thing about coming home is family. 


  1. such great pics! (and those might just be the cutest kiddos in the world)

  2. I love, love these!!!! Don't judge my coat, I am a California wimp! That said, I hardly ever use it, but I was glad I had it on that sailing day!

    I really need some prints of these!! Book maybe?

  3. These pictures are the sweetest!! I want to go sailing. Seriously!


thx a mill


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