what a novel idea! 

honestly, ( I wonder how many posts I begin with honestly) when I read this quote a 100 watt light bulb clicked right on in my brain.  all my efforts for healthy living lately have filled my head with no, no, no. this inevitably bogs me down with negativity/guilt. so I’m trying something new. YES, YES, YES (to the good things!) this isn’t just a good mantra for my diet, but for life. I want to spend my time surrounded by the things I love, not running from the things I hate. here’s to some things I’m loving this month:

J & his cooking 
fresh flowers
fruit (specially cara caras & strawberries when I can find them)
walking home with this american life
smash (only one episode in)
VS pink workout gear
b&b coconut shampoo (its seriously smells like heaven to me)
a clean house and a made bed (thx J)


  1. oh my goodness, i love new girl. it's so funny even grumpy, ole spencer laughed at it.

  2. aw, i loved smash!! can't wait for more episodes to come out!
    oh, and fresh flowers, new girl, fruit, and photography are definitely on my love lists :)
    xo TJ


thx a mill


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