ok so now that we have a new member of our family, she needs a really good home. buying a standard bag has the benefit of  being able to convince jordan to occasionally carry it for me when we are out, but since I really shouldn't be tempted to do that anyway I thought I'd get just the right bag that doubles as a purse. I have this which I've gotten a lot of use out of, but it really only holds my camera. not good for storage, shoots, or when I want multiple lenses. I also have this which is a little too big. It's a beautiful bag, but its not quite the right shape for me. I need something I little more boxy and easy to sling on my shoulder. so my options are this:

one: the georgia bag. SO CUTE. I really like it. shape is great and I think it will hold a good amount, but is the outside functional enough?
two: love this one, but its so pursey it might look odd to be slinging it around on more formal shoots.
three: this is an insert, it a bit on the small side, but might be a nice way to use a variety of bags I already have.

any thoughts people?


  1. I have the ona insert and am a big fan. Now I just need bigger bags to hold it.

    1. that's the thing, I don't have that many bag that would work with it..


thx a mill


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