there are babies everywhere

on christmas eve morning, we woke up real early for a nice festive skate.
after a few rounds on the rink we had the whole gang over to our shoebox for toasty drinks and sugar cookies. yes sugar cookies for breakfast!!! 
{sugar cookies happen to be my specialty}
 it was a miracle we fit everyone in, but I guess half the guests were tiny people. just when J & I get into the married club everyone jumps ship for the with kids club. rude.
I love having people over. I'll be so happy when we can fit more than 3 1/2 in our living room, but until then I do love our cozy shoebox. the lack of space didn't phase any of our guests because it's just normal in this squished city.


  1. I love Jessica! Our families are friends, and I've known her forever! So fun, you must live by each other? Beautiful pics.

  2. @ megara omg I totally forgot to mention it to you. she saw a picture I have of us from london up in my place! then we talked about how awesome you are! :)

  3. Those top two photos are simply stunning! My goodness, teach me how to be pretty.


thx a mill


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