wanted to share these interesting interpretations of an iconic women and iconic art.
I have a special place in my heart for pieces like this that knead together convention & tradition to make something completely new. I am mostly made of sentimentality. I love the way the artist talks about how her idea unfolded. {see below translated somewhat poorly from french using google translate}
{see more here}

"This idea, as usual, was slow to take root. it starts one day in November 1967 with a gift of any tenderness.
It was pink, sparkling and extremely delicate. 
With the patience of an angel, my mother had, in secret, knitted for my Barbie doll a gown and a pair of tiny shoes! I seem to recall that there were other clothes, but shoes with the little pink bow on top, totally captivated me.

Then I grew up, the doll has disappeared, but the elegance and grace of this Barbie for my child remained with this little shoe at the bottom of a box of secrets.
So one day like this, the idea of ​​extending, in the images I like this piece of childhood, took shape. Barbie is often criticized as too blonde, too superficial, too skinny, too "great marketing", too this, too that. It is precisely this profile so famous that I wanted it to other iconic images.

Here is my exhibition "personal" birthday gift for my favorite doll superimposed on the vision of artists whose work I particularly like. 
They all be thanked for creating such strong images, thank you to Ruth Handler have imagined this "dress-up doll" who delighted my childhood."

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