a little spice in my life

ya know what the worst part of winter is. (ok there are lots of awful parts) but what I'm seriously hating right now is the monotony of winter. always indoors... same sweaters, boots, and jackets on repeat. bla bla bla. so while I'm waiting for the sun to come back out I thought I'd try something a little fun to shake things up.

so I'm jumping on board with e for a little challenge from freckles in april. here's what its all about:

"If you're a newcomer to Freckles in April, last year I ran a 21 day outfit challengeI posted outfit prompts with inspiration pictures to help participants try new things and get more use out of their closets. I tried to keep the prompts accessible so anyone could do them but allow room for creativity for those who wanted to really push themselves. To see a few examples of prompts I used, go herehere or here. Also, you can see the Do's and Don'ts of the challenge right here. We had over 100 participants in the last round- I hope you'll join in this time!"

I think this is gonna be a fun way to get out of the habit of the same go-to stuff. plus hopefully I'll make some new friends while working out my creative side. here we go! I'll try and post my results and hope some of you guys join in too. challenge starts 1/22.


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