plant life & trains

right before christmas we went up to the botanical gardens with the combs.
they do this train show in one of the greenhouses,which is really more about all the miniatures built of plants than the trains. 
mini twig penn station
gah! I hate my new hair cut. no more hair cutting groupons for random salons. lesson learned!
and the beard begins
oliver really had a good time I'd say.

only a few more 2011 posts and its about about 2012.


  1. Spencer and I went up there between Christmas and New Years, and it was crowded! Looks like you went at the right time. But I loved the exhibit! We loved trying to guess the building before we saw the plaque.

    And why on earth would you hate that haircut? It's beautiful!

    North Meet South

  2. Why do you hate that haircut? I think it's gorgeous!

  3. hey thanks guys! I just feel like the tapering came out a little too choppy, but I'm managing. in a few weeks the grow out will smooth it out.

  4. not that you care about the status of my hair ahaha


thx a mill


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