trip to asia | vol.3 cambodia/angkor wat

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this vol. is gonna be a beast. no way around it. proceed at your own risk.
wanted to move right into our hotel.
the pool was pretty dece.
we got to cambodia in the afternoon. we hopped on a tuk tuk and headed to angkor wat just before closing.
i kept waiting for someone to come kick us out. "temple is closed" but they never did. we got the place essentially to ourselves.
so jordan took the opportunity to do weird poses like this. im not even sure you guys? dont know what to say.
there was the cutest little kid selling postcards as we walked in. i'll never forget his face, he was relentless in his pursuit. i wish i'd given him more money. if i sent you a postcard from angkor wat it came from the sweetest cambodian kid :)
the detail was so amazing. 
next day we got up and spent the day checking on the rest of the temples.
it was hot. really hot. swim through the muggy air hot. it was weird though, i kinda like it. very unlike me.
i couldnt go inside this one bec of my tank top :/ so i waited at the bottom for jordan. made friends with the cutest little european girl. we tried to catch butterflies. unimportant side note you don't care about, but i don't want to forget number 717.
we got a lot of couple selfie practice.
the dialog just before this picture went like this:
take a picture of me jumping off will ya?
um, yeah, but its kinda high.
jordan! i was a cheerleader. this is easy.
it was higher than i though. bahaha not graceful. more of a fall than a jump really.
honestly i had to talk to myself the whole way down these steps. it was steep. i guess heights are not my thing. i couldn't believe how much freedom they give you at the temples. hardly any monitoring or rules. we're not in the us anymore toto. 
this temple was my favorite.
did i mention i was in love with our hotel? 
we look special in our ticket pictures.
this is back to agkor wat. too lazy to put these in the proper order. sorry not sorry.
this entrance was amazing.
in our shady tuk tuk. im not sure why it looks like im holding onto jray's ear. whatevs
i kinda felt bad touching all the stone. can't be good for it. all those hands and feet over the years. but it was just so beautiful.
its starting to feel like there are too many awkward pictures on me on this trip. ;) my mom told me when we first went to europe to take pictures meaningfully- try to get people in them or you'll end up with a ton of pictures of the same stuff.  i guess i was running with the idea by making jordan take my picture since he will rarely look at me when i take his. 
jray at the top
cambodian marketplace 
lily pads!!!
where's jray
have to say i really LOVED cambodia. it was beautiful. people were super nice and food was great. def a highlight of the trip.

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