trip to asia | conclusion

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like i said it was a pretty amazing trip. the whole time i just felt immense gratitude and peace. 
i felt grateful we were able to plan, execute, and afford such a great trip. 
grateful both our working situations were able to accommodate our plans.
grateful to be able to experience and appreciate cultures i didn't know much about before.
grateful to have had the opportunities i've had and to have been raised in a free country. proud to be an american and all that :) (except when we were traveling with loud annoying americans, then i was a little embarrassed)
 was especially grateful for time to reflect on all the good things and people in my life, specifically the man i love.
just a LOT of gratitude all the way around.

our plans worked out well and we had a good amount of spontaneous activities too. we were able to travel safe and never had any trouble. we also got really great weather. only rained a couple times and didn't effect us at all. i only got sick once. tossed my cookies in the night and felt a little queezy the next day, but rested it off by the pool. so no big. jordan never got sick- he didn't get any bug bites either, that turkey.

im not gonna lie, jordan is a great travel partner. he's always so calm. usually his pace is way too slow for me, but i have less hustle when traveling. :) we were pretty much on the same page about how we wanted to the trip to go and it was so nice. i was a little worried we might kill each other at the end of the first week before we left, but we really had the best time together. phew.

ok this is sounds braggy mcbragger, but i swear i don't want it be.

 the last thing i'll say is how connected to God i felt. putting aside the distractions of daily life will do that. plus the culture really lends itself to humility, hospitality, and love. there was just a lot of warmth (literally and figuratively :) ) i loved the prayer hand greetings and smiling faces. i want to bring more of that into my daily life. make an effort to invite him in.

that about does it. love & light you guys!

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