trip to asia | vol.2 chiang mai

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1. im too lazy to re order these. ugh.
2. theres too many animal pictures, but they make me happy. sorry not sorry.
3. here goes nothing.
i giggled the entire bath time portion. soooooo cute.
the elephant show.
view from up top our elephant.
cutest puppy in the long neck village.
colors are wonky. whoops.
pretty bird
the juice was crazy good everywhere we went.
view of chiang mai on our way to the temple on the hill.
this place was really beautiful (i'll probably be saying that a lot of over the next few posts) it was so peaceful despite the crowds.
got blessed by the monks. loved it.
love our cotopaxi day bag
these pants are the "i heart NY" shirt of thailand, but they are SO comfortable.
i hate feet, but you had to go without shoes in this temple and it was actually kind of nice.
checking out the temples in chiang mai on our first day there.
night bazaar near our hotel. we are glowing from the humidity :)
love me a hotel robe.

i couldn't even contain myself. i loved them so much!
elephants are quite the artists apparently. jray wouldn't agree to buying one no matter how much i begged. can't wim em all.
i can't even find the words for this part. 
he gave me a nice wet hug after our ride. i loved (&hated) it.
those tusks are more beautiful than you imagine.
man i loved them!
visit to tiger kingdom! i wasn't as scared as i thought i would be. we got talked into going and even though i have mixed feelings about the animals there i'm glad we went. it was once in a life time.
none of the tigers were fiesty, but there were definitely alert. they would play with the trainers.
afternoon pool time.
mango smoothie!
hands down the best indian food ive ever had and probably will ever have. blew my mind.
massages ery day! 
bahahaha. you really should have seen the tiny thai women trying to tangle up jordan. "relax, relax, we stretch!" 
another foot shot? we were regulars.
 FYI if you go to a restaurant on the water... WHERE MOSQUITO SPRAY!
dinner by the river.
pad thai!

then it was onto chiang rai. 

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