t day & holiday

im cramming everything into this post lazy style. is what it is. here is our most recent trip to san diego. minus a lot of crucial parts that were only captured on my phone, but that i'm too tired to download right now.
i rallied for brussels to be added to the menu this year. YUM!
i love making cranberry sauce too, the popping part makes me feel like a kid again.
PIE... glorious PIE
master turkey carver 
doin work
dont mess with her when she hungry 
walkin it off
around the neighborhood 
the boys had to be lassoed 
sometimes you gotta race it out
haha smart girl
my heaven
sometimes you need to wear a tutu sailing
uncle jordan the wrangler 
if only there was a time i could get jordan to smile nicely
when im not wearing someone sunglasses that are 12 sizes too big
ill take it!

some people get real territorial about their grandmas
he kills me
the end... finally. sigh. can't wait to get back in jan

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  1. Love everything but my large but......
    Love everyone though including the photographer!!!


thx a mill


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