fall frenzy

after the syrup that is august passes the pace of the life picks up considerably. we typically have guest after guest until we are slammed with holiday madness and crash into the new year (& i wouldnt have it any other way) we kicked off the guest-a-polooza with the spencers (& all was right again in NYC)

they were hoping for some crisp fall weather, but it ended up being pretty lovely for most of their trip (#sorrynotsorry) we spent saturday morning wandering the park and snapping pics.
she kills me.
kills me dead.
even when she is so serious you don't know what to do with yourself
and especially when her little belly peeks out.
wake up jon!
pit stop
hg makes pregnant look so good!
then we rounded-up the rest of the team (missing a few) and headed to a park... inside the park.
i call this O and his urban mama
i mean fall right out of your chair cute

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