songs of september

about every month I put together a new playlist and proceed to listen to it on repeat until I'm completely exhaustified of said songs. I thought I'd share this months on-the-go list.

1. domino: jessie j
2. valerie: amy winehouse 
(side note:  her back to black album got me through some rough times)
3. love of top: beyonce
4. super bass: nicki manaj
 (NM is a  nut job, but I cannot deny the goodness of that song )
5. to the moon: miguel
6. never forget you: wild young hearts
7. terrified: katharine mcphee
8. without you: david guetta & usher
9.not over you: gavin degraw
10. ain't nothin wrong with that: robert randolph
11.just a feeling: maroon 5
12. last firday night: katy perry
13. someone like you: adele
14.smile: avril lavine
(yes avril, that's right)
15. how: maroon 5
let me know if you find any you like too!

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