(via our last hotel stay)

there is something 100% amazing about staying in a hotel.
the clean white sheets, fluffy towels, and occasional room service is so relaxing. I'm not even kidding I don't even care where we are, if we're staying in a hotel I'm in! I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this, right ladies? 

this weekend jray and I are going up to newport, RI for a weekend getaway. even though I'm excited about the trip and the sight seeing, I must say I'm equally excited about the hotel room. you better believe I'm leaving my wet towels on the floor of the bathroom and I'm taking the shampoo.
don't judge me.


  1. i would judge you if you DIDN'T take the shampoo. hotels are fantastic. doesn't even matter if they are run down little (not NASTY) cottages. free samples, free bfast, and room service plus i get to use all the towels i want=heaven.

  2. I LOVE Newport! I hope you are gong to see the mansions; they are my fav! have a good weekend!


thx a mill


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