may daily

1: we ate our feelings while waiting to hear our summer fate 2: then we distracted ourselves with trips to ikea 3: jordan bought a tiny palm tree to keep the CA dream alive 4: I escaped to CA for hill's wedding 5: our little place coming together 6: jray built endless furniture 7: midnight spider hunting with mom 8: souplantation date 9: i love shopping for J 10: dland date with kels 11: great gatsby movie night 12: happy mother's day 13: looking for the tux 14: snugs 15: lunch date with the college roomies 16: strawberry picking 17: packing for a spa day 18: bday dinner 19: cupcakes 20: a million sugar cookies 21: love shooting dear friends 22: pizza making date night with tate 23: massage membership, done 24: family dinner 25: mrs. buckwheat 26: princess tea party 27: beach day 28: arrojo 29: kettle corn and tv catch-up 30: sugarhouse park 31: breakfast for dinner

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