life's happiest moments

of course i can't remember where i read about it now, dang it should have wrote it down, but at some point i saw on a blog somewhere the idea to write a list of the happiest moments of ones life. just a fun little gratitude thing. so i thought i'd jot some of mine down, for journaling sake. some are specific memories, some are just parts of life that i've felt real joy/peace.

+dancing our first dance as husband and wife 
+ the nancy nancy and betty betty bedtime stories my dad would tell me
+cheering football games
+sun sinking into my skin
+sneaking my mom's homemade strawberry jam straight from the container
+the toast jordan gave at our wedding
+pie on thanksgiving, family around
+my father daughter dance at my wedding
+getting advice from each family member at my goodbye party before I went to college
+walking through the city when the weather is just right with the perfect song on my ipod
+unloading a bag of great groceries
+nutcracker performances
+those sunday drives through rancho sante fe with the windows rolled down and the radio turned up
+late night conversations
+capturing happy moments with my camera
+studying aboard in london
+visiting my sister in the summer growing up
+playing trains at my grandparents house
+laying on hot concrete/sand after swimming
+getting my first pair of pointe shoes
+wrapping xmas gifts
+finding faith
+dance camp
+black eyed peas concert in central park
+helicopter ride over manhattan when jordan & i were dating
+red tide at night
+climbing the water tower with my roomies freshman year
+holding a new niece or nephew for the first time

i feel glad to remember all these beautiful moments and think of what is ahead. looking forward to seeing how this list evolves.

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