twenty-twelve was certainly a year of growth. my eyes were opened to new perspectives in so many ways. i did things i never thought i could do (sometimes with less grace than would have been preferable) stepping into the new year i want to carry with me all that stuff i learned from 2012 and make new beautiful things for the future. i want to nurture my mind//body//spirit, so im writing down a few thoughts on areas of improvement i want to focus on this year.

mind: money
{smart financial decisions}
i've been thinking a lot about my career as i get ready to leave this job. what shape do i want it took take and what im building for the future. i was surprised by how much satisfaction i get from contributing to my family in a monetary way. i didn't realize how important that was for me. managing money wisely is always important but as we are facing so many possibilities for the future i am anxious to move forward with confidence and a clear mind, knowing we can take some risks if we want to. i likely won't contribute in the capacity i have for the last few years going forward, but i recognize how much i value contributing to our financial success.

body: health
{natural whole foods}
over the holidays jordan and i watched soaked up the apple tv like we usually do on lazy days. this included a few documentaries (i always complain when jordan picks them, but eventually end up finding them really interesting) we watched a few about vegan-ism and modern farming. now i know one documentary doesn't cover the whole subject, but i think its safe to say there are definite issues with legislation and the way we get our food these days. i was inspired to re-think my approach to food. i've got some specific ideas in mind for changes, but i need to do some more research. we are starting by jumping on the blender train. after successfully convincing almost everyone we know to buy a Blendtec for the holidays jordan realized that they only use Vitamix on top chef. haha once we get that settled it will be blending heaven in our house.

spirit: study
{self-reflection and spiritual education}
probably the thing i learned the most from last year was recognizing how much i still have to learn. when i am not expanding my mind and learning/trying new things i can see what a negative impact that has all aspects of my life. in 2013 i want to focus on studying new things. knowledge=power my friends. im setting some goals for my spiritual study and i'm really excited about educating myself.

{the future is as bright as your faith}

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