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"We keep using the analogy of that boyfriend or girlfriend that one loves, one could–in all likelihood–happily be with for years, but can’t see marrying... New York is, in this scenario, my boyfriend. We’re very happy together; I like his friends; he’s smokin’ hot (if sometimes a little too moody); and I’d love to just coast along a little longer, rather than risk missing his company. But there are some things that make me think that ten years down the road, I’d be nagging and nitpicking and wondering if he were really the one (and sadly, it has a little to do with money). So it’s probably better to say goodbye now and end on good terms. It doesn't mean I won’t sometimes wonder “what if?” It doesn't mean I won’t think of him on holidays or that I won’t miss his cooking. And hopefully we’ll stay friends and I’ll visit a lot. Slowly I’ll move on, and in all likelihood I’ll find the one I’m supposed to be with. And who knows? Maybe like those old couples in When Harry Met Sally, we’ll end up together after all those years. But there’s some sort of catalyst (let’s say I’m going to go study abroad for a year) and now seems like the right time to break up...There’s so much to say about all of the complicated feelings we have about such a big adjustment in a year of a lot of change. I’m confident we’re going to be happy (we would be wherever we go as long as we go together) and if you asked for a list of things we’re excited for, we’d have no trouble drawing a long one up. It’s a wonderful place! But right now we find ourselves fixating on a lot of the things we’re going to miss. Our list of things to do for the move, and before the move, seems to grow volumes by the day. But I also want to be sure that we savor these precious few sweet months in the city. I have a feeling we’ll be sharing a lot of last gasps.Break-ups are hard! Pass the ice cream." 
you probably already know, especially if you follow me on insta that we are moving.
in just 7 days i wont live in new york city anymore.
 i have so many mixed feelings. its still too emotional to write about.
 i know this is the right move and im honestly excited about what this next chapter holds, but i will never let go of nyc. jordan thinks when i get back to suburban life i will forget all about nyc, but i know i wont. my thoughtful brother-in-law (a california resident, but real new yorker) sent me this in an email  "Hope the last days go slowly!  My heart is with you.  I know you hate to leave ... but trust me, you never really do." TOO TRUE. I will never really leave.

things i will miss:
my weekly dance class at the gym on cpw
our balcony
late night fairway trips
highline park
our doormen
the reservoir
the food: shake shack, patsy's, thai market, indus valley, tazan, la esquina, viva la crepe, stand, cosi, eataly, sarabeths, bubbys, normas, republic...
the view from my doctors office on cpw
my office building on fifth
pounding the pavement in the park, learning to run
the crisp fall air
autumn leaves
the lights in columbus circle
lincoln center theater
fruit stands
the people everywhere
my cool co-workers
fifth ave tiffany's
steps dance studio
the architecture
the museums
the trees
the diversity
the parks... all the parks

that list could go on forever. i'll probably keep adding to it for the next few days.
ive also been keeping a list of things i will not miss to help ease the pain. its not working, haha.


  1. For some reason this makes me sad. I know how sad it was each time I left just after visiting you. I can't imagine leaving after living there! Have they hired your replacement, I may be looking for a job....haha, jk.

  2. ugh, this is gonna make me cry! 7 days? this just can't be real.

  3. Awww good luck with your move! We also have a home away from home in Hawaii. We miss it everyday. Sometimes we even think about being totally impractical and moving back. And maybe we will. But we love where we are too. I feel ya girl. I hope everything goes smoothly and hopefully I'll see you on the west side. :)

    1. thanks hun. when the movie craziness settles ill get you those pics. youre card turned out amazing!

  4. Where is it that you are moving to?

    1. CA but we will be in UT a bit while jordan finishes his MBA.

    2. AHHHH!! What part of Utah? Where is he doing his MBA? ps: Can I just say that I LOVE how you radiate beauty!


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