sugar pushers

j and i just came off 6 weeks of no added sugar. it actually wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. before i committed to the challenge i would have thought 1 week without treats was not possible, but we made it and it felt really good! i had a few interesting observations about the whole experience but the funniest one was how social sugar is. people really don't like to enjoy treats without other people. i'm know i've been guilty of sugar pushing too, but i couldn't believe the responses i got when i would talk about the challenge. it got to the point where i wouldn't even want to bring it up. made me think about my responses to others making goals. cheerleader > debbie downer 
whatever you're doing to make good stuff happen in your life, GO YOU! (even if it sounds crazy to me)

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  1. sugar pushers! i love this. i had a similar experience recently. frustrating and inspiring all at the same time!


thx a mill


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